Date Event Session
Apr 2024 Webinar How generative AI is enabling the future of automation for IBM Z
Mar 2024 IBM TechXchange AI Infused Automation on Z with Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed
Mar 2024 SHARE Updates on All New Capabilities for Automating IBM Z with Ansible
Nov 2023 Podcast Automating z/VM with Ansible
May 2023 Webinar Standardization of Automation Across the Enterprise with Ansible for z/OS
Mar 2023 Webinar Modernizing IMS: Cloud Native IMS Provisioning and Application Development with the IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack
Mar 2023 Red Hat Webcast GitOps Guide to the Galaxy Episode 56: Ansible on Z Systems with IBM | Youtube | Twitch
Feb 2023 GSE UK Ansible and Cloud Native Development: the easy answer to automating and modernizing your IMS environment
Nov 2022 Webinar Security considerations when setting up for Ansible environment for z/OS
Aug 2022 SHARE Securing Ansible from Beginning to End
Aug 2022 SHARE Ansible and IMS: Automate IMS with Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z
Jun 2022 GSE Nordic Ansible for IBM Z | Event | Slides
Mar 2022 Podcast Automating IBM Z Mainframes with Ansible
Nov 2021 Guide Share Europe Ansible for IBM Z. Lets get started! | Slides | Replay (Requires GSE account for access)
May 2021 AnsibleFest Ansible Automation for Enterprise clients
Mar 2021 SHARE CICS DevOps with Ansible
May 2021 IBM THINK 2021 Masterclass - Driving developer agility through hybrid cloud with IBM Z | Replay
Dec 2020 IBM Cloud Webcast UrbanCode & Ansible: Better Together for IBM Z | Event | Slides
Aug 2020 SHARE z/OS Infrastructure as Code with Ansible | Event
Aug 2020 New to Z Ansible for z/OS | Replay
Jun 2020 IBM Z Council Automating using Ansible with z/OS | Event
May 2020 IBM THINK 2020 Lab - Introducing Ansible Playbooks for automating with z/OS
May 2020 IBM THINK 2020 Automate Your Mainframe z/OS Processes with Ansible | Slides
2019 IBM THINK 2019  
May 2018 IBM Z Tech U Master in IMS DevOps, z/OSMF, and MFaaS
May 2018 IBM Z Tech U Discover how many lives your IBM Z applications have
Mar 2018 SHARE Live: Hybrid Cloud and IMS: End-to-End Application Deployment | Event
Mar 2018 SHARE IBM - Meet the Developers
Mar 2018 SHARE Meet the Future of Z! | Event
Apr 2017 InterConnect Could You Use a Pop-up IMS Environment? Or a Pop-Up IMS Database? | Slides
Mar 2017 SHARE Pop-up an IMS Environment or Fast Path Database with z/OSMF | Event
Aug 2015 SHARE Essentials of IBM Installation Manager for z/OS | Event | slides
Mar 2015 SHARE IBM Installation Manager for z/OS System Programmers:
Web-based Installs, Fix Packs, and How iFixes Really Work | Event